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District Initiatives

District Initiatives are intentional connection points around the world that assist our churches in doing Global Missions

When a people group lacks gospel access, it can be given to them only by someone from the outside of that group. But this kind of “outsider access” is not the end goal. When gospel access is brought by outsiders, the end goal is to see it transition to “insider access.” Insider access is what occurs when the national believers gather in networks of churches strong enough to sustain a gospel witness to their own people —and multiply it beyond that to more people groups. This is how the Great Commission will be fulfilled! God is using THE ALLIANCE to do this well – and He is calling each of our churches to join Him in His plan of global redemption.

The Central Pacific District is partnering with our International Workers (IW) in several key areas around the world helping to create gospel access from the outside and assisting the national believers to carry on the work from the inside.

Five key areas where the CPD is currently engaged:

Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia has many countries with pioneering C&MA work and many opportunities to connect your church in meaningful ways to our International Workers in these fields. The context here is mainly Buddhism and Animism, with several countries that are hostile to the Gospel which are called “Creative Access Countries” (CAC).  There are opportunities for partnership in urban, rural and tribal settings.  Also, there are hundreds of unreached people groups in SE ASIA!

The Middle East
This Mediterranean Region is another focus of the CPD.  This context is M*slim and highly restricted to the gospel in most areas. Yet we are making inroads that are significant and unprecedented. Rallying our churches to this region of the world is strategic in completing the Great Commission and there is a great need to bring love and light to the crisis in The Middle East.

South of the border is also a thrust for the CPD in that it is a great way to “get your feet wet” in missions and relatively inexpensive. Over the past few years, we have been developing a Ministry Base just over the border. We are now extending invitations for senior pastors, youth pastors and church missions leaders/teams to come and see what is happening there.  We believe this Base will provide a great opportunity for people of all ages to experience doing missions in a place that is safe, inexpensive ($40/day per person, includes meals/lodging) and not too far from home.  One of the elements we are adding to our Mexico trips is a training time helping our short-term teams learn what the C&MA is doing globally and how we can get involved.

West Africa Initiative is forming
This country in West Africa is 97% M*slim and full of unreached people groups. The Alliance is engaging the needs there in various ways and the CPD has begun a partnership with this field. If you are interested in going on a Vision Trip to this country, contact us!

Europe Initiative is forming
There are 50 million M*slim refugees pouring into Europe and the CPD has workers in 3 countries responding to this need. We are beginning to have Vision Trips to see the work there.

Other Strategic Countries
We also have several CPD churches connected in other countries around the world, bringing the light of Christ to these needy places.  District Leadership is available to help all our churches connect to the places they believe God is calling them.  In addition, many of our Ethnic Churches are reaching back into their country of origin, with some now going cross-cultural. How wonderful to see our District leaning in to Christ’s call to “go and make disciples”.

Vision Trips
We are encouraging all our churches to come and see our work around the world and discover how they can become involved.  Vision Trips are for leaders in your church who have decision-making power (pastors, missions leaders, etc).  The idea is that you will bring a team to see the work and return to get your church engaged.  If you would like more info about these trips, please don’t hesitate to contact us.