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Emerging Leaders

Our Mission

We are building a family of emerging leaders who will plant churches, pioneer movements, engage missions, and advance the kingdom.

Developing Leaders

Developing leaders is our first priority. I believe the future of our Alliance movement is in our emerging leaders. Strength will come from our ability to identify, involve and equip those emerging leaders, voices and pastors within our district and existing local churches. We will do this by hosting strategic retreats, schools and gatherings throughout the year within key cities and regions in our district; where we would encounter God together, cultivate relationships, get envisioned, and inspire emerging leaders towards a process of leadership exploration and development, unto future leadership in the kingdom.

Engaging Culture

Engaging Culture is a must.  As the church, we are meant to engage culture in every way possible. Jesus calls us out to send us in. The central message of the church is that God loves the world and has reconciled the world to Himself through Jesus Christ; yet, we cannot influence a world we refuse to touch. We carry a vision to develop leaders who will engage culture in the most creative, strategic, and redemptive ways possible. This will involve both rethinking church and reimagining missions, becoming more and more open to those new and Holy Spirit breathed expressions of church to influence and reach today’s generation.

Cultivating Family

Cultivating Family is the heart of God. The church is first and foremost a family. Anything we do regarding emerging leaders must carry the DNA of kingdom family. No more isolated leaders, but sons and daughters, sent from and covered by a family of friends, leaders, pastors, fathers and mothers. We will do this by cultivating environments of family, connection, covering, and coaching within our district and existing churches. The more we build a family, the more we build our future.

Upcoming Events

Emerging leaders, join us this coming year for a few significant happenings.