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Licensing & Ordination

Here are some useful tools for your Licensing and Ordination Process with the C&MA

You will see the acronym LO&CC show up if you spend much time in the Christian & Missionary Alliance. It stands for Licensing, Ordination & Consecration Committee, and this is a team of people who will walk alongside you as you move towards becoming an official pastor or worker within the C&MA.

Interested in being Accredited with the C&MA?

In section E3 of the CMA legal manual, you will find a guide through the Ordination or Consecration program which should be completed in a two-year time frame. Download the CMA Manual by clicking here.

To begin your application process you can visit the Alliance National page at

What is Licensing?
Being licensed with the C&MA is the first step in the process of becoming fully consecrated or ordained in the denomination. Being licensed allows you to perform weddings legally and carry on the work of the ministry.

What is Ordination?
Becoming ordained within the C&MA means that you have been engaged in rigorous coursework and demonstrated a clear understanding of the theological tenets of the C&MA. It is the C&MA’s recognition that you are fully qualified to pastor within the denomination.

Once your requirements are completed, you will need to do a face to face interview with the LO&CC Committee. Interviews are held quarterly at the Central Pacific District office in Woodland. Please arrange your interview date with your supervisor.

The Ordination Committee is led by Rev. Mike Mitchum

You will be assigned a coach to work with throughout your process. All work must be submitted to your coach for approval prior to sending it to

The current Ordination Committee members are:

Mike Mitchum | Chairman | District Office

Timothy Brooks | Interim Pastor | Neighborhood Church of Williams 

Edgar Castro | District Office | Casa de Dios

Bruce Guckelberg | Interim Pastor | Hillcrest Alliance Church

Patty Herrera | Foothills Church

Leron Heath | Tozer Seminary

Darren Lim | Home of Christ Church

Brian Long | Foothills Church

Thomas Mount | Holy Trinity Church of Chico

Joshua Ratiani | Shiloh Neighborhood Church

Rich Taylor | Chico Bible Fellowship

Wayne Spriggs | District Superintendent

KC Wong | Silicon Valley Alliance Church

Roberta Miller | Administration | District Office


Below are links to some Report Templates you will find helpful (Word Documents)

Monthly Ministry Report

Reading Report Form

Evangelism Training Form

Statement of Completion of Polity Course