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Mission Resources

Keeping your church aware and engaged in Global Missions all year long…

THE ALLIANCE has a rich heritage of reaching into the dark places of this world with the message of Jesus. Are you resourced to cast that vision and to teach His Great Commission?

Below are some links and downloadable tools to help you with your Global Missions efforts.  Topics such as: “How do I start a global partnership?”, “How do I create awareness in my church?”, “Why should I give to the GCF?” and “How do I do a short-term missions trip?”  All of these tools and more can be found on this page.

As one significant resource, the Global Link Office at our National Headquarters is putting together an incredibly useful Missions Manual that will be available soon. As soon as the updated version is available we will let you know! It is a resource we highly recommend you download FREE and use as you think about your church Missions Emphasis.

Also, we will be updating this page regularly as new resourcing is needed or if we have improved our existing resources.  Please feel free to share with us YOUR missions resources!  There just might be a church out there asking the question that you can answer!

Here are some great resources for you!