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Our Commitment To You

As a member church in the Central Pacific District, we offer a host of resources that we invite you to take full advantage of. We are committed to making your job as a pastor or leader simpler by pointing you to resources that can help you as a leader, and help your church. Some of these resources are already in place and available here on the website, or by contacting the office, and some are under development. At a high level we have resources in the following areas for you to take advantage of as a member of the Central Pacific District.

Training and equipping including:
 – General Training
– Preaching seminars
– Marriage retreats
– Quarterly regional trainings
– Pastor’s retreats
– Specialized Training
– Support raising, coaching, church planters boot camp etc.

Resourcing you through various means including:
– Helping a church that is in trouble financially (loan, gift, grant)
– Providing materials – books we give away
– Pulpit fill – meeting each other’s needs regionally during challenging seasons
– Equipping 13 regional coordinators to help keep a clear pulse on all our churches

– General – Outside counsel on how to handle difficult situations in your church
– Staffing – Help with HR challenges and resources for vetting employees and volunteers
– Legal issues – We have legal counsel available for you that can be tapped into as a first step if you have a potential legal issue you are facing

Organizing Connection Events

We try to do Quarterly Connection with each of our regions where we get together to support each other in a variety of ways. These include training, prayer events, annual pastor’s retreats, marriage retreats etc.

We also are working on regional and affinity group initiatives so you can get together with others in your region around topics that you have in common and want to share or brainstorm ideas. Examples would be youth pastors, women’s ministries, men’s ministries, church planting, brainstorming on missions ideas etc.

It is our goal to connect you with each other for ideas and encouragement as you continue to serve the Kingdom of God in your own churches.

If there is something you need that you don’t find, let us know. We want to be busy developing resources that are meaningful for you as leaders.

Prayer Support

We are committed to touching base with each of our pastors and workers 2-3 times a year. We also take prayer requests and staff actively prays and follows up with notes. You can call or email us at the district office.