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Why Join the Alliance?

As believers, we were created to live, learn, and love in community.

We are Christ’s Church – His chosen means to fulfill His purposes on earth. Here at the Central Pacific District we talk a lot about the value of “together” when it comes to what we do and why we do it. There is incredible value in being part of a larger family. We know that together we can accomplish more for the cause of Christ than we ever could alone

Why become a member church?

There are three immediate reasons we believe there is value in joining the Alliance and becoming a Member Church:

  1. We help connect your church to worldwide missions through the Great Commission Fund and missions programs.
  2. We provide both spiritual and legal accountability and covering in these days of cultural shifts and challenges.
  3. We can connect you to resources and other pastors to help you accomplish more by providing:
    a. Support
    b. Prayer
    c. Sharing
    d. Help in times of trouble

Are you ready to learn more? Here are steps you can take.

Read about Our Commitment to you if you become a member church. Click here to view our “Why the Alliance?” brochure.

Learn about Your Commitment to The Alliance if you join.

Visit the main website of The Alliance.

Contact Us and let’s talk further.