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Your Commitment To Us

When you become a part of the Central Pacific District family, we make a commitment to partner with you, to support you, and to provide resources to help you achieve your goals in your ministry. Like in any good family, every member plays an important role in helping all of us meet our common goals. In order for us to fulfill our promise to you, the part you play in the family is significant.

While part of our commitment is to work with you to ensure you are getting what you need, the basic requirements of being a member of the CPD family, we would ask that you make the following commitments:

Giving to the District Operating Budget

Our ability to support all of our churches comes from each church contributing 5% of their monthly average giving to provide funds for church planting, for district staff, and for funds to serve our pastors.  Click here for our “Great Things Can Happen” brochure with more information.


What we value most of all is your engagement with our family. That engagement can include any or all of the following:

Licenseable Hiring