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Monthly Update from the President

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Alliance Redwoods

Did you know we have a top rated Conference Center/Camp in our District?

Learn more about Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds and schedule your next camp or retreat in this unparalleled facility!




Woodland Courses, Tozer Seminary 2017-2018



More Helpful Resources:

Licensing and Ordination

Training & Equipping

Church Ministry Tools and Resources

Financial & Legal Resources


Archived Resources:

Encounter 2017 Resources and Speakers

Fred Hartley Resources

Evicting Jezebel (3 documents)

     – The Process of Evicting the Principality of Jezebel

     – Eviction Notice

     – Declaration of Eviction

 IGNITE Guidebook 2017 

Sixty Life Resolutions As I Approach My 60th Birthday 

Building Your Prayer Shield (compressed)

Encounter 2017 – Fred Hartley




Encounter 2016 Speakers

Tim Agnello

Ted Kang

David Hearn– Canadian Alliance President

Jeff Lee

Amy Bailey

David Hearn– Canadian Alliance President